What can be leased?


All Dell EMC computer equipment including:





Educational Packages

The equipment can also be bundled with software, services, maintenance and implementation costs.

Choose SUMMUS FINANCIAL SERVICES as your reliable technology financing partner.

1-5 year terms available

Why Lease Technology?

The latest in computer technology is a necessity whether you’re a corporation, school, or healthcare facility. Maintaining the most recent technologies can be difficult. But with financing options through Summus Financial Services you can stay on the leading edge.

Predictable Payments

Leasing your technology equipment allows companies and government agencies the ability to predict payment schedules so there are no surprise costs related to acquiring the necessary computer equipment, software and regular maintenance they need.

Budget Utilization

Companies, state agencies, and higher education must adhere to yearly budget requirements. Financing computer equipment assures that their budgets are being utilized effectively while keeping the organization on the leading edge of technology.

Cash Preservation

Financing computer equipment allows companies and educational facilities the ability to acquire the equipment they need without having to spend excessive amounts to purchase it all at one time. Leasing options provide more flexibility and reduce cash outlays in larger amounts.

Avoid Technology Obsolescence

Technology moves at such a rapid pace that equipment that may have been of the best quality five years ago, could be obsolete in a year. Financing computer equipment allows companies and higher education entities to stay current with the equipment they finance each year and no need for disposing of old equipment that was purchased.

Why Choose Summus Financial Services?

Why Choose Summus

  • Specializing in technology leasing
  • Fast implementation
  • Only one vendor needed for lease and installation
  • Knowledgeable customer service to assist before, during and after installation
  • 1-5 year terms available

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